ImageXetera's success is based on the common commitment of the people (men and women) who delineate the company's leadership, on developing new technologies and discovering creative and innovative solutions to branding, corporate and Reputation Management challenges. As a global brand ImageXetera seeks excellence in all areas of the organization's business and is committed to continuous enhancement and progress.

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At ImageX we work with our clients to carry out environmental analysis of the business Ecosystem and proffer solutions that give competitive edge and delivers value.

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We deliver value to our clients in the following areas

ImageXetera Services

ICT Solution

We Develop and Deploy cutting edge IT Apps & Infrastructure Solutions to grow your business. We offer Enterprise level development and subsequent support for various proprietary and Open Source solutions. Our web application and development process starts with ICT strategy consultation to ensure stakeholders are well advised on the various options available in the choice of a solution. The process consist of additional phases including: project brief + requirements gathering, scope definition + specification development, solution design + development, architecture + implementation, documentation + maintenance of the finished project.


Activities captured in time becomes history. A lot of organizations have executed very important projects that are unknown. At ImageX we assist you to document your projects and events that have touched lives, changed narratives and made a difference in our country's landscape. Our team of proven professionals, will put together organizations activities in high definition documentaries that will stand the test of time. We have a strong brand promise and we are committed to delivering on our promises

Project Management

Critical to Project management is the ability of contractors to deliver with time lines without compromising on quality, quantity and cost. We have established a template for Project management with strict timelines and deliveries.

Government & Legislative Relations

Most Organization are affected by legislations, government policies and guidelines. We work with our clients to establish harmonious relationship with the National Assembly, the Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Our experience working in government and with government has equipped us with understanding of how government does its business and thus assist our clients with navigating through challenging government processes.

Community Relations

A mutually beneficial relationship with the communities is necessary for peace and conducive organizational climate. We work with our clients to identify critical community leaders who become our clients' advocates in their communities. We carry out community needs assessment and advice our clients accordingly.

Negotiations & Advocacies

Obtaining a win-win position in negotiations can be tricky. Our team of expert negotiators, will work with our clients and guide with the necessary negotiation tools that delivers positive outcomes.

Media Buying & Management

Relationship with the Media is very important and critical to the image management of a company. The advent of the New Media, social media, has disrupted the traditional breaking news typology. The social media platforms are carrying stories on 24/7 basis in real time. The challenge of managing information has become a night mare for CEO's. Organization thus need Agencies that are knowledgeable in cutting edge social media management. A proactive media buying relationship with various publishers and the Media is critical to fomenting a relationship that is a win-win for all. ImageX has established excellent relationship with the media, which will be beneficial to our clients.

Public Relations

Organizations in both public and private sector operates in a milieu characterized by threats in the ecosystem, arising from policies, regulatory environment, competition, customers ever changing preferences, the threat of new entrants, and disruptive innovations in the case of the private sector. In this milieu is the community within which we operate. Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with all members of our ecosystem is necessary for survival. Organizations' that have robust relationship with members within the ecosystem tend to engender enormous goodwill, more than those that do not. In this connection, CSR activities and some community intervention programs attract positive commendations. We assist our clients to identify such programs that will give mileage in goodwill acquisition. This is important not only for private sector companies, but for the government, MDA,s and Parastatals.

Reputation Management

An egg broken cannot be put together. Reputation is like an egg and has to be preserved and guarded jealously. ImageX works with our clients to proactively identify potential reputation threats and address them accordingly. A perception survey is conducted to identify these threats and appropriate solutions deployed to tackle them. A reputation damage is like a drop of oil on a white dress. It should be avoided at all cost.

Event Management

ImageX works with our clients to initiate, design and implement phenomenal events such as; conferences, workshops, retreats, bonding classes, and meetings. We are mindful of our clients reputation, thus we strive to put up five star event management.

Corporate Communications

Shaping the right narratives and messages is becoming more complex. The social media has democratized information dissemination, thus putting pressure on organization to communicate in appropriate language, medium and style. We work with our clients to craft and drive through the right narratives that engender goodwill. The right messaging delivered at the right time with emotional intelligence is a precursor to a positive perception and feedback.

Stakeholders Management

Stakeholders are vital partners and play an important role in determining the success of an organization. When Stakeholders are involved in shaping policies through, consultations, comments and feedback, the organization enjoys their goodwill. The revolt of stakeholders can damage and organizations image and reputation. ImageX assists our clients to do the following; Stakeholders Mapping, Stakeholders Analysis & Evaluation, Stakeholders Engagement and Consultations, Stakeholders Needs Assessment