A World Class Public Relations Agency with a global reach

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A World Class Public Relations Agency with a global reach

ImageXetera is an Integrated Marketing Communications and Public Relations Consultancy Company. Our expertise covers a wide area of PR and Marketing Communications. We have an array of proven professionals that can deliver on our brand promises. The advent of the internet has raised the bar as clients demand for world class services at reasonable cost. This makes imperative on organizations to continue to innovate in order not to be caught in the web of disruptions in the operating environment.

  • ICT Solution
  • Documentaries
  • Project Management
  • Government & Legislative Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Negotiations & Advocacies
  • Media Buying & Management
  • Public Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Stakeholders Management

At ImageX we work with our clients to carry out environmental analysis of the business Ecosystem and proffer solutions that give competitive edge and delivers value.

At ImageXetera our objective is to be a global industrial player and to be Africa's most dynamic organization involved in corporate communications, stakeholder's management, event management, reputation management, public relations, media buying & management, Community relations, government & legislative relations, project management, documentaries, ICT solutions, talent management and other innovative endeavours.

Our Vision

A World Class Public Relations Agency with a global reach

Our Mission

To provide Cutting Edge Public Relation Services to our clients, through innovative, qualitative and timely service delivery.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure societal and clientele potential realization through our services.

ImageXetera's success is based on the common commitment of the people (men and women) who delineate the company's leadership, on developing new technologies and discovering creative and innovative solutions to branding, corporate and Reputation Management challenges. As a global brand ImageXetera seeks excellence in all areas of the organization's business and is committed to continuous enhancement and progress.

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Corporate Communications In Nigeria's Public Sector: Challenges and Prospects

Corporate Communications In Nigeria's Public Sector: Challenges and Prospects


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